Past Work


Keira Martin has brought something very special to Irish dance. It is refreshing to watch an Keira dance have created a different take on contemporary dance, based on root in traditional Irish dance. The real bonus was the live traditional music. Led by: Keira Martin choreographer and dance, a delightfully refreshing company and approach to danceMarie McCluskey

Image: Josh HawkinsLD7A0434

In 2005 Keira Martin founded Keira Dance – an exciting dance company that fuses traditional Irish folk music and dance, contemporary dance, cultural diversity, politics and reggae. Their down-to-earth manner, imaginative choreography and hard-working ethos inspires audiences of all kinds. Wherever you find Keira Dance, whether it be a festival, on stage, a community hall, a class room or rehearsal room, they undoubtedly be cause a stir by ring-leading audiences and participants into a wild, fun and eccentric adventure of music and dance. The company toured UK wide throughout 2005 to 2014 with their first work ‘Threads’ and attracted venues such as The Purcell Rooms at Queen Elizabeth Hall and ROH2 as part of Firsts commissions along with extensive rural touring. She was also the first associate artist at Swindon Dance mentor Gill Clarke.

Image: Andrew FlemmingKeiradance jump

An artist who has a genuinely individual voice. Her work is not just choreography it is about attitude, honestly, commitment and not least an extraordinary performance…Brendan Keaney