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Collaborating with the wonderful Sonia Sabri this year, super excited see your promo video below…


Wild Card:



Sadler’s Wells Wild Card returns for its ninth season offering bespoke evenings of works curated by the next generation of dance makers. This edition invites dance artist Keira Martin to the Lilian Baylis Studio to present the world premiere of Where Ye From, on Thursday 9 May 2019.

 Presenting a dynamic evening of live music, dance and spoken word which draws on Irish, African and Jamaican influences to ask ‘who owns culture?’

NEWS…Keira has received Arts Council funding to develop a new work Good Blood in collaboration with sister Sioda Adams and musician/composer Jamie Roberts which is currently in creation…watch out for tour dates!

After a successful pitch A The UK Show case Surf The Wave Good Blood will tour from November 2019.Good Blood is supported by Dance City, The Place, Kala Sangam, NSCD, Yorkshire Dance  2 faced Dance Company and Vincent Dance TheatreGood Blood final image promo


Good Blood was refreshing to watch, a story of home and of family ties, we are carried through an Irish/Yorkshire melded story’ Emily Snow


‘Good Blood’ is a work in progress production that looks closely at the relationship of two sisters: Keira and Sioda Martin. Entertaining and familiar scenarios are refreshed and brought into focus to shed new light on family ties; the bonds that hold us together and the people that make us. Both sisters are inspired and influenced by their working class upbringing, politics, Ireland, dance and music. They are both mother’s and have an unforgettable dynamic that is humorous and heartwarming. Bringing personal, shared experiences, to the stage. Good Blood explores the journey from childhood to womanhood. If there is one thing they both agree on, it’s that you don’t get nowt without hard graft!


‘I was extremely moved by the deep connection which they felt to their roots and how this was tied to the incomparable bond which two sisters share.’Rosie Stebbing

Keira is one of six selected artists from an open call to the region for Northern Connections 2017. Northern Connections is a project developed by Northern School of Contemporary Dance, delivered in partnership with Spin Arts, Leeds Beckett University and Yorkshire Dance. Keira and her sister Sioda have been in residence at Northern School of Contemporary Dance and Yorkshire Dance for a three weeks research and development process.


Review GB NSCD April 2017

Review GB Emily Snow Good Blood



This Blue Elephant show was a preview for Edinburgh, and if this is a journey you are taking, Here Comes Trouble should be at top of your list of things to see.’ Richard Maguire

‘Here Comes Trouble’ is a rigorous personal investigation into womanhood and Keira’s individual identity.Choreographed by Keira Martin, Directed by Charlotte Vincent, Designed by  Ryan Laight and original music composed by Jamie RobertsThrough a series of robust episodes drawing on social and cultural influences from Yorkshire, Ireland and Jamaica, Keira rhythmically weaves together traditional music, authentic song and gutsy dance. She shares hard hitting and heart-warming chapters of her life to courageously address stereotypes and challenge labels. Witness her build bridges and burn them again, each time revealing a deeper layer of herself and her heritage. This feisty yet vulnerable performance is entertaining and demonstrates the power and elegance of women in a very real and honest way.’

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Here Comes Trouble Review. Edinburgh Fringe 2017

Excellent. The sheer physicality of the performance was stunning visceral. Effective use of breath, and brilliant use of the crate/ box to evoke trapped domestic violence. The use of actual earth was really moving tangible ancestors. Costume and hair very effective. Grey dress at the end associated for me between a woman who had found her style and slavery. Ancient quality in use of enamel and wooden box. Superb dance technique and stripping it back and performing so close to the audience exposed immense effort required to create the illusion of effortless stepping and clogging. Very meaningful exploration of search for identity and synthesis of opposing cultures. Beautiful resonant voice very effective use of microphone. Circularity of the choreography gave shape and meaning. I can smell the wild mountain thyme.Paula Boulton- audience member

Keira was awarded The BENCH fellowship 2016 -2017 The BENCH is a programme developed in direct response to serious concerns about the lack of equality faced by female choreographers within the dance sector. Here Comes Trouble toured on NRTF Dance Menu 2017-2018.

Keira has been supported by the Arts Council England, Yorkshire Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance  The Civic Barnsley and Spin Arts Management. For more information please contact myself or Sarah Shead (Spin Arts) / 07849670200